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Senior Cat Health Care

Cat Senior WellnessAt Cat Clinic North, we want to make sure your pet lives and long, healthy life. As senior pets get older they face health issues and having a physical examination every 6-12 months is crucial, especially for pets 7 years and older.

Cats age at about 6 years per human year, so having your senior cat examined every 6-12 months is like you seeing your doctor every 3-6 years. Older cats, just like older humans, often have more medical needs, and they need to see their veterinarian more frequently than younger cats.

Our physical exam includes the following:

  • Listen to your pet’s heart and lungs for any abnormalities.

  • Feeling your pet’s abdomen to make sure all internal organs are normal shape, size, and location.

  • Examining your pet’s eyes, nose, teeth, and ears.

  • Looking at the condition of your pet’s skin.

  • Recording your pet’s vitals, including weight, heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

  • Assessing your pet’s nutrition and discuss any weight issues.

  • Blood and urine testing to allow our veterinarians to diagnose and treat any illness.

It’s our goal to provide your pet with the highest quality in care while offering great value. We are currently offering a special for our senior pets that includes a physical exam as well as blood and urine testing.

Laboratory testing is an essential part of the care and treatment of your cat. Utilizing the highest standard in veterinary medicine, we have an array of tests and tools at our disposal that help provide the best care possible for your feline friend. This is just one part of our commitment to being the best cat hospital we can be.

To learn more about specific laboratory tests or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (616) 364-1211.

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