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At Cat Clinic North, we strive to provide the best care to our patients. If your cat is a current patient of ours, please feel free to download and fill out our Client Experience Questionnaire.

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Client Experience Questionnaire

Molly's happy mouth

Our cat Molly has severe heart disease which puts her at high risk for conventional veterinary dentistry. When we noticed staining on her front paws, we found her gums to be swollen and bleeding; obviously quite painful. We thought our only option was to undergo the dentistry, knowing that she might not survive it. But Dr. Sadek recommended we first try laser treatment on her gums. We were skeptical, but willing to try something that posed much less risk for Molly. She received an antibiotic treatment and a laser treatment, and by her 10 day recheck, nearly all the swelling was gone and her gums were no longer bleeding. She has had several more laser treatments and will continue to have them to keep her stable. We are sold on this new technology.

Sue and Joe Steffler, 4/19/14

"Jimmy is now a happy kitty"

For several months I have been searching for words that would adequately express my gratitude to Dr. Tammy Sadek and staff. They saved the life of my Jimmy Joe. Not only is Dr Sadek an incredibly skilled professional, she has a bedside manner that is quite reassuring and absolutely charming. The entire staff is entirely devoted to cats and is very knowledgeable.

Jimmy was totally blocked and unable to urinate without a catheter despite bladder surgery to clean out the “rocks.” He was so miserable. The Animal Emergency Hospital in Grand Rapids referred us to Dr. Sadek. Every part of the procedure was explained to me and every question answered both before and after Jimmy’s re-sectioning. Jimmy was so much more relaxed at The Cat Clinic and I am sure that helped his recovery.

I have had cats for all of my 71 years and never have I had such a positive experience with a veterinarian and his/her practice. Dr. Sadek is a miracle worker. Jimmy is now a happy kitty, sparring with his sister kitties, chasing the laser mouse, and curling up with his sister, Coco, the dachshund. He is a new boy, thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sadek.

Florence Buchanan Beggs

Saving our "Little Golden Man"

You all are the best of the best!! Sensi was so very sick and it was a close call for over a week. All of you were so kind and so gentle during a most difficult time.

The gals in the front were always one step ahead, and displayed many patients while we asked 50 questions. They filled out paperwork to assist me and had all essentials for Sensi set and ready to go when the time came for us to go home. You were very kind and courteous.

All the techs were superb and just darling…you really went the “extra” mile for Sensi and for us, as well. We so appreciated your willingness to give him that “extra” TLC. You were always there to help with a hand of encouragement and support.

Dr. Berger, Dr. Simon and Dr. Sadek’s expertise, stellar techniques and brilliance in care was executed flawlessly. You went above and beyond our hopes and expectations. Every step of the way we were updated and informed. We were so touched that all of you cared so much for Sensi that many of you even checked in on him on your day off! We were so impressed how all of you worked together in a team effort to save our boy. Your compassion for Sensi was amazing and will forever be appreciated and never forgotten. There are no words to describe.

One other thing to mention, I was really amazed at how well your laser treatments helped Sensi heal. It was very effective.

From the bottom of all our hearts..we thank you all for saving our “little golden man” and making him part of your family.

Cheryl and Nick Farhat, 9/24/12

Minna on the road to recovery

Three weeks ago, I brought my 11 year old cat with severe gastric problems to the Kentwood Cat Clinic, by referral from my veterinarian who "could not do anything for her." After a most thorough examination, medication and dietary changes, my cat today is feeling well and clearly on the road to recovery. I thank Dr. Sadek and her staff for outstanding medical help!

Ursula Franklin, 2/18/12

Katie is a success story

As I watch my beautiful, active cat Katie, I am so grateful she was referred to the Kentwood Cat Clinic. Following a gradual decline in health, she became very ill. My local vet referred her to the Kentwood Cat Clinic for their expertise and diagnostic ability. Dr. Sadek saw Katie the next morning and after a thorough work-up, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Katie's care was complicated initially and I was so impressed with the responsiveness and personal service received. Whenever I called with concerns, my calls were always returned by Dr. Sadek or on occasion, Dr. Berger or Dr. Simon. Each spent time listening and making recommendations. They also maintained communication with my local vet. What a positive experience! Now Katie is in much better health than in the past 2-3 years. I am confident we will continue to receive the support and expertise needed to keep Katie healthy. After a recent visit Dr Sadek stated, "Katie is a success story," and I whole heartedly agree! Thank you to all the caring, competent Staff at the Kentwood Cat Clinic for helping to write that story.

Verna Jansen, 2/17/12

Never Felt so Welcome

I really appreciated all the info and guidance I got when I called for the first time about my cat. The staff has been so helpful and friendly. I've tried a few other vets and have never felt so welcome and happy to bring my pet. Thank you so Much!

Lauren C.

My Vet Tech. Daughter Convinced Me

Just recently, my daughter, who is a vet tech, convinced me to change vets and go to an all-cat clinic. Kentwood Cat Clinic was the one we chose and I am so grateful that we did...

The staff are awesome in their handling of our cat Ashley. We have had no problems with him due to their tender care--to the point that he recently had a biopsy done under a local because his heart wasn't strong enough to be under anesthesia. Because they are so patient and gentle--loving as well with Ashley he is no longer a problem to take to the vet...

In a very short time they have become like family. Had it not been for them I would have been convinced that Ashley needed to be put to sleep. We have had 7 wonderful months with Ashley we wouldn't have had without the staff at the clinic...

I HIGHLY recommend the Dr.'s and staff of the Kentwood Cat Clinic. I would never take any cat I might have anywhere else.

Peg B.

Always willing to go the Extra Mile for my Furry Family

Dr. Maria Berger and the staff at Cat Clinic North have treated my 3 cats as if they were their own. While the staff is very professional they are also kind and caring. I never feel rushed during an appointment and Dr. Berger always answers my questions thoroughly. Having had cats treated for life threatening illnesses I can say that they have received the best health care available from Dr. Berger and her staff. They are always willing to go the extra mile for my furry family.

Jan F., Puck, Ella and Link

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