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Referral Information Needed for Radioiodine Therapy Patients

Prior to treatment:

  • Recent history on patient

  • CBC, serum chemistry, T4, urinalysis, and thoracic radiographs (2 views at a low KVP setting), performed within one month of scheduled treatment. T4 level must be done at an outside lab; in-house values are not acceptable for treatment.

  • An MSU Thyroid Profile is not necessary.

  • We must receive the lab results a minimum of 3 working days before the appointment, but please call us if there is anything unusual on the films.

  • If the cat has been on Tapazole, it must be off medication for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. We need a “pre-Tapazole” T4 value, or a repeat T4 value performed at least two weeks after stopping the Tapazole. The dose of I-131 is determined by the T4 levels; please take into consideration the time it takes to order and receive the dose; we will need the T4 results faxed to us at least 3 working days prior to the appointment, but preferably 1-2 weeks earlier.

Post treatment:
  • No sooner than 2 weeks (2-3 weeks preferred) post discharge from our hospital, we ask that you perform a CBC, serum chemistry, and T4. Results should be faxed to us. Most cats at this time will be euthyroid or hypothyroid.

  • At 2 and 4 months post discharge, a T4 should be checked again, and results faxed to us.

Fax number: Dr. Tammy P. Sadek/ Dr. Alyson Coppens 616-241-6042

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