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Maxwell Kinney, June 2016

Cat of MonthHi – my name is Maxwell. My 2 brothers and I (I was originally Dozer as in bulldozer, and Patch and Rocky) were born in October of 2002. When we were about 1-2 weeks old, something happened to our mom. She went out hunting and didn’t come back. I guess we were technically feral kittens. Fortunately, we were found by a nice couple, Karin, and Dave, who saved us. They, in turn, gave us to our foster parents, Stephanie, and Matt. Stephanie raised us, fed us by

Stephanie raised us, fed us by bottle, gave us gruel, got up in the middle of the night to take care us. She was great. When we were about 7-8 weeks old, Patch and I were adopted by our mom and dad, Ron and Stephanie, the parents of the couple who originally found us. Rocky went to live with our foster mom’s parents and he loved it there. I am not sure how I got my name, my new mom just thought it fit me and Patch’s name was changed to Patches.

We all had a fairly rough start in life, but we survived. However, I have had many health problems. I started out with urinary/kidney issues and I have had to have a couple of surgeries. Patches and I were very happy in our new home. We were loved and spoiled. When Patches was about 7 years old, he got sick. No warning, just really sick. He was being treated for what they thought was pneumonia. However, on his way to get a chest x-ray he passed away. Come to find out he was really sick on the inside – with an enlarged heart, etc. I really missed him. Mom made me have some testing done and come to find out I have the same heart condition, but not as severe. I have been undergoing treatment for my heart ever since then with Dr. Sadek. I really missed Patches. Mom and Dad adopted Maddie to keep me company – a sassy little Tortoise Shell with an attitude problem, but I have learned to love her. Unfortunately, Rocky had the same problem and has since passed away. I was the sickest of the 3 of us, but I am still alive. My mom and dad call me their “investment.”

I have to have subcutaneous fluid every other day and pills twice a day for my heart and kidneys. My dad and I have a routine. I don’t like it, but I know it is for my own good.
I know I am spoiled but I know I am loved. I have scared my mom and dad several times with close calls regarding my health. I am a people lover. I have to be in the middle of anything that is going on. I don’t like to miss anything. When someone is at the backdoor, I have to go see who it is. I am unique in that I am a survivor. I have faced many obstacles and challenges in my 13-1/2 years. Mom and dad admire my resilience and they just think I am adorably cute. I get to see my foster parents, Stephanie, and Matt, as they are family friends and visit frequently. For whatever reason, I love to attack and lick my foster mom’s hair.

This past month, we adopted Sierra, a black and white cat. She is very shy and timid, but she is starting to feel more comfortable in our home. She and I get along pretty well and we are friends. Maddie, my sister, not so much.

Now that it is 2016, I am a little older, a little slower than I was, but I can still keep up from my sister. We race around the house, chasing each other, playing, and having fun. I love my family and they love me – what more could I ask for?

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