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Clinical Study for Cats with Osteoarthritis


The Kentwood Cat Clinic is participating in a clinical study evaluating a medication for cats with osteoarthritis.  This is a study looking at the use of immunotherapy to control pain in cats with arthritis. Immunotherapy has been used in human medicine for many years, but has not yet been used for cats, making this an exciting treatment option.

Cats on the program will have 5 clinic visits over about 3 months so you must be willing to bring him/her to our clinic that often.  There is no cost to you to participate. Cats will receive physical exams, X-rays to confirm the presence of arthritis in their joints, blood work, urine tests and treatment at no charge over the period of their participation in the study.  The treatment is given by injection at the beginning of the study (Day 0) and twice again at 4 week intervals (Day 28 & 56).

Effectiveness will be assessed by your observations of some activities that you will select such as the ability to jump on furniture or walk up or down stairs. We need you to think about the daily activities that have become affected by his/her arthritis so that you can suggest specific ones to be assessed during the study.

Please think about the requirements of the study and the benefits and let a clinic staff member know if you would like your cat considered for participation.  616-241-6369